Since her Carnegie Hall debut at the age of 15, violinist Patricia Lynn Shih has performed as recitalist and soloist with major orchestras throughout North America, Europe and Asia including the Munich Philharmonic, Royal Philharmonic, Halle Orchestra, Singapore Symphony, Toronto Symphony, and the Polish National Radio Orchestra.

The legendary Josef Gingold who became her mentor at Indiana University where she began her studies at age 14, described her as “…one of the greatest talents that I have ever taught. Her great technique, inborn musicianship, sense of style and virtuosity are unequalled.”

Now a lovely young woman, audiences and critics alike have continued in their adoration and praise for the sounds and sophistication of soloist Patricia Shih….experience the wonder of Solo Shih™:

“She stole the show. She has this winning combination of tonal warmth, technical security and instinctive lyricism, setting her on the very path described by the notes of this friendliest of Prokofiev concertos…..Though the threat of sentimentality hangs over Prokofiev’s Second Concerto, Shih played with such purity of tone and phrased in such songful arches that nothing of cheapness emerged.”
          William Littler – Toronto Star music critic, Canada

“Patricia Lynn Shih has charm - and talent, personality, and an undeniable temperament. Shih plays a virtuoso violin. Her second movement was charged with an intensity and emotion that floated in the air…the instrument under her fingers sings as though it has a voice of its own and radiates in turn feelings of pain, tenderness, emotion, bursts of laughter and contagious happiness. Shih does not simply play – she lives for music and is one with her instrument. She expresses herself with it in moments both serious and dramatic - and in moments of great joy.”
          Brittany, France

“When Patricia finished Henryk Wieniawski’s Violin Concerto No. 1 in F sharp, the [Carnegie Hall] audience showered her with sustained applause and a standing ovation.”
          Shaffin Shariff, New York, USA

“In no way did she disappoint. Wearing a vivid scarlet number she possessed quite a presence in a performance of unusual passion and emotion. An instinctive Brahmsian, she calculated and phrased the first movement to perfection, displaying a sterling technique and a big tone. The slow movement was exquisitely played, almost sensual before she really had the sparks flying in a finale take at a rip-roaring pace.”
          A.J. Sicluna – South Wales Echo, United Kingdom

“Shih made her Orpheum debut with style, capturing the heart of the audience in a splendid rendition of Paganini’s virtuoso first violin concerto….Shih delivered throughout.”
          Michael Azjenstadt - Vancouver Sun, Canada

“Her masterful technique and high musical qualities will ensure that Patricia will have a brilliant career as a superior soloist.”
          Josef Gingold – Indiana, USA

“The audience [at the sold-out Orpheum Theatre] was hypnotized by her brilliant playing.”
          Vancouver, Canada

“Patricia Shih is a deceptive sight. On first impression a modest player, with little of the carriage and charisma commonly associated with players of Paganini. The most enchanting dimension to her playing is that moment of transition when this seemingly discreet player beckons a flamboyance and fire in style and execution that is at once proud and intense. Her technical wizardry was renowned. But Paganini is not mere technique; it is exploring that Mephistophelean passion and reliving the myth that is Paganini. Shih does this with extraordinary insight. Her capacity to imbibe and translate the culture and breeding of the Concerto in D major displayed her as a consummate talent, well on the way to genius.”
          Eddin Khoo - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Shih delivered the concerto with freshness, passion, and (barring some slightly wide intonation in the opening) impeccable technique. Her romantic take on the piece was especially rewarding in such moments as her second theme, which shone with warm lyricism and in her passionate passagework shortly before the first movements recapitulation...”
          Tamara Bernstein, Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada

“What can one say of violinist Patricia Shih except that she is simply exceptional. All fire, finesse and sensitivity. A perfect match with the orchestra and its conductor. Those who talk of a star when referring to her are not very far from the truth. Shih seduced and enthused the audience which reserved a wonderful ovation following Mendelssohn’s Concerto No. 2.”
          Brittany, France

“How appropriate it was that Patricia Shih should be the soloist. This was her third visit, and every time she has appeared, she has demonstrated a truly remarkable rapport with the orchestra…From its beautifully phrased opening, her performance of Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 4 (K218) was a joy. The orchestra provided the perfect foil for Shih’s finely controlled cadenza and she played the lyrical Andante with a passionate involvement, bringing out all its playful serenity. In the finale, she held a fine balance between the gaiety, elegance and Champagne humour of its contrasting themes.”
          Terence Dawson - Singapore

“The audience was enraptured. Shih released the overplayed fiddle concerto [Mendelssohn’s Symphony No.4 in A major, ‘The Italian’] from its long incarceration in a prison of lubricious Victorian sentimentality. Sexy, an adjective I despise, is nevertheless the word I must resort to in order to describe Shih’s blazing approach to this hallowed barnburner. I daresay that if Queen Victoria herself had been in the house, she would have managed a gonadal response – if only a discreet one – to this astonishing performance.”
          Douglas Hunter – Vancouver, Canada

“Featured violinist Patricia Shih held the audience in thrall. Until the moment when her final note faded gently away, she was the centre of attention and left us with a haunting, warm remembrance to a dear, departing friend…Shih had command not only of the music but of the whole audience. The final notes left us regretting only that it was over. Taking her bows shyly, to a thunderous standing ovation, Shih was called back again and again, before she finally left the stage with her bouquet, presented by a lovely girl of about five.”
          Ted Broderick – Kelowna, Canada

“Shih’s warm personality helped make her a household name in the States….and become the subject of an award-winning documentary film, Which Way to Carnegie Hall?”
          Pauline McLean – Wales, United Kingdom

“Canadian violinist extraordinaire, Patricia Shih, mesmerized the Jakarta audience when she performed Tchaikovsky’s D-Major violin concerto….her mastery of the work is complete and convincing.”
          Gus Kairupan, Jakarta Press

“Utter magic.”
          The Canada Post